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Ruck Driven

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Ridge Runner Overview


The Ridge Runner is an individual ruck sack race and each event will host at least 2 competitive distances. Awards for the top finishers for both M/F. Stay tuned for updated locations.

Competitive Distances:

  -   3 miles

  -   6 miles

  -   8 miles

  - 12 miles

  - 24 miles

Mandatory Gear List:

All participants will arrive with their own ruck sack w/predesignated weight. All other items such as camelbacks, food, nutritional supplements, etc., are optional. There will be water stations throughout each course. 

All rucks will get weighted prior to the start of the event and also weighted at the completion of the event.

  • For Men:  30lbs

  • For Women:  20lbs

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