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Our ambassadors

We first me Chris Wheeler aka “The Shenanigator” back in 2016 at our first Austin Green Beret Challenge event. Chris was an emerging athlete and quickly became a Texas race day favorite among participants and race owners alike. Chris likes to participate in a wide range of events but excels in long distance and endurance competition, including multiple podiums. 

Chris is a native New Yorker but resides in the Houston Texas Area with his wife and two daughters. Chris is also a co-founder of OCRAddict, a racer information and race services provider. 

Georgia native, Mallory Kornowa is one of our favorite human beings. She will take on any challenge you toss at her with a smile followed up with some sort of cynical comment. 

Mallory has been participating in OCR events for several years and is also a part of the Buford Fit Body Boot Camp Team based in Buford, GA. In her words, "I like tacos and obviously a Ballas favorite". Next time you see her at a Driven event, ask her "Where is your bag & shovel"! Mallory is also an Operation Enduring Warrior street team member.

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Tim "Bossman" Fiedeldey can usually be found at our events carrying heavy things with his teammates. We first met at Tim at an Ohio event back in 2015. He provided us with a large sledge hammer which we still carry with us to every event. 

In the Bossman's spare time, he is runs a boot camp called The Burn and is also a competitive body builder. Tim is a huge supporter and influencer with Operation Enduring Warrior and The Give Team.

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