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Endurance driven

Atlanta Commando Challenge


8-mile Cross Fit style WOD format comprised of push, pull, carry, ruck & run concepts born from the original Green Beret Challenge model. This will be a time-based challenge with the athletes battling the clock as well as themselves. Our endurance series definitely lives up to its name, the toughest 8 miles in America. 


“You can tell this is Mark’s passion, and it shows so vibrantly as he talks about the race, as you see him on the course on his ATV. I can absolutely see why Red Bull gave them the # 1 spot in their ratings, it was well deserved”. (Charles Miller – Mud Run Guide)

This was truely a challenge, not an obstacle race! It was exactly as they described: it tested my mental and physical grit, the PAIN is legendary, with a great sense of accomplishment!!!! I have a new respect for sled dogs pulling loads of 200+ lbs, and any military guys training with weighted down ruck sacks. This was my longest race of the year and by far the most endurance driven challenge!!! Glad to be a part of the finishers circle! Great group of guys, staff, volunteers, and well organized!!!

I did a Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and Tough Mudder this spring, but they all paled in comparison to the Commando (Green Beret Challenge). This one was tough! The other races seem silly in comparison; they make you jump in ice or get a little electric shock. The Commando was a real test of endurance and toughness. Lots of heavy sandbags, slogging through water, and rough terrain. Definitely doing it again next year!

Robert Killian Killin It
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