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trail driven

Wicked Austin
Wicked Austin


Our trail series in an off road trail race that will host several natural obstacles to negotiate throughout the race course. This is great hybrid race that lies between pure trail racing and obstacle course racing. 


"I can officially say, Mark just took trail racing to another level entirely. I cannot think of any type of athlete from just off the couch - to an elite racer that would not find something in this race to push them to their limits, It was the ideal mix of all things we love about OCR, trail racing and this community wrapped into a perfect event".  Heather Lloyd Smith - 2019 Wicked Atlanta

"I have done some tough stuff to include the 3M Half, Spartan Race and some other challenges. THIS was one of the most technical runs I have ever completed. Thank you to Mark Ballas and crew for the most AMAZING 15k to date". Danny Davis - 2020 Wicked Austin

"How will you know what you are truly capable if  you don't get out of your comfort zone and put yourself to the test? The Wicked just changed the game entirely! Thank you to the mastermind, Mark Ballas". Forever changing, forever learning, forever growing. Getting better everyday. Tola Soyele - 2019 Wicked Atlanta 

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